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It turns out that staring at back-lit computer monitors for 40+ hours a week might not be the best thing for you. With this in mind many of us have started to look towards alternate technologies, largely e-ink. It’s a nascent market with a limited number of players and it’s not moving very quickly, but it’s important nonetheless.

Here are the basics and some help choosing your first e-ink computer monitor.

Last Updated 6/17/19 – It’s summer 2019, time for another update! Unfortunately news from Q2 2019 has been very limited and the Paperlike Pro remains the best game in town. The Boox Max 2 is still a viable buy as well, but still has many flaws. This category has (un-officially) entered a stall, but the good news it that we know e-ink monitors are on the radar of some major players, like Benq and Lenovo.


September 18th, 2018

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