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Welcome to This is going to be a diary, a manual, an explainer, a tutorial… and hopefully so much more. At the barebones level, it’s one product manager’s quest to cloud self-sufficiency.

After years of disliking and, admittedly, fearing the world of hosting and network operations, I’ve gotten frustrated with “cheap WordPress hosting”, overpriced static sites services, hard-to-use PaaS solutions, and all the rest. So I’ve taken it upon myself to become an Ops journeyman and start handling all my own hosting work. I’ll start with Amazon Web Services and go from there.

The site will inevitably be a journal of my wins, losses, and frustrations along the way, but — more than that — I’d like it to be a manual for how others can succeed in their own cloud computing endeavors.

My underlying theory (or at least my hope) is that the cloud is easier to manage than we might expect, and it’s getting easier every day. Also that these are actually useful skills and the being able to build something on the open web is valuable and will continue to be valuable, if not in practice than at least from an academic standpoint, for the foreseeable future. Barring that, all this is interesting and probably an OK use of time.

Wish me luck!

December 5th, 2017

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