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Explaining hosting, AWS, Wordpress, static sites, and all manner of cloud solutions.

Welcome to Cloud Confusing, a site that details my journey into cloud operations, but will touch on web monetization, product management, web development, and all sorts of related topics. Think of it as a toolkit for a modern technical product manager.

Why do this? I’m a lifelong technology lover with a not-so-fun history with ops. After years of avoid hosting, networking, and other such tasks I’ve spent the last year learning how to work with the cloud, not just have others do it for me. My goal isn’t to be a full-time network engineer to devops, I simply want to overcome my concerns and tackle the gaps in my knowledge head on.

As the site as grown I’ve through in some helpful tips about the tools I use everyday, like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Big Query, S3, Route 53, and so on.

Everything I’m doing is done with the goal of accomplishing a greater task — I’m not learning how to use AWS for academic purposes — so please excuse anything that’s overly expedient, insufficiently appreciative of subtly, incredibly pragmatic, or just plain incorrect.

Sal Cangeloso

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Where Can I Find CloudConfusing Lessons In Action?

Just about everything on this site comes up because it’s something I have been thinking about, not from some random list or sheet of keywords. This means you can see the things explained in my articles live on the internet. Some of this will be easily tracked in console or view-source, others will be on the back-end and not viewable, but they are still there!


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